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Carrie Log-01 : It all started with the screens.

In a world ravaged by a zombie epidemic caused by the over-consumption of screens, Carrie, a former blogger, is looking for the best way to survive. CARRIE_LOG_01 is the first podcast of our main character. Invited us in her zombie infested reality.
A reality whose series is under development.

Arielle Siler as Carrie Leigh Hobson.

Directed by: Julien Jourdain de Muizon
Artisitic advisor: Steven Briand

Produced by: Vast be Mess + Manuel Cam
Line Director: Sebastien Guitton
DOP: Simon Gesrel
Edit: Pierre-Alain Berisset
Sound + Music: Christophe Menassier
Recording: Etienne Caylou
Grading + Post: Studio Kippik
Shooting studio: Manuel Cam

Vast be Mess 2018

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